Sunday, November 6, 2011

Haircut Vs. Mood - Long lost passion

So after a while, I am going to share another personal experience with regard to my mood. I used to say "My Passion is my haircut" not because I found other passions such as, leadership and all that :), but my hair has been pathetic due to 2 reasons
  1. I get an awful haircut once in 6 weeks
  2. I don't maintain my hair as much I used to do when I was a teenager. 
But after the last 3 haircuts I realized that a haircut directly affects one's mood. Because, soon after the haircut you feel horrible because, when you are having that shower after a haircut, You can realize that there are several uneven places that needs some more trimming, or you realize that some places are over-trimmed and you cant do anything about it. and then after a couple of weeks you feel even horrible because, now those uneven places starts to get visible and you want another haircut, but the hair is not grown enough for that. And then when your hair grows, you feel bad because your hair would have looked awesome if not for that over trimmed places!

I went through the same cycle 3 times (yes I admit that I am stupid enough to go to the same person thrice. In fact, the first time I got in to fight with him) 

It because this idiot tries to make your head look round and nice instead of evenly trimming the hair. every time when I go for the haircut I say, "I need all my hair to have the same length. Make it 1 1/2 minimum" But this idiot ends up trimming the top left side down to about a half of an inch! So today, I came home - Furious- and asked Mom to shorten my hair and make it even. And she did. now my hair is extremely short, and I cant do anything with it.

Now, I am sure I am going to feel bad for a month or more, because I don't have the option of styling my hair. 

A couple of things to keep in mind. And a note to self.

  1. The Haircut is an important factor for a good mood during the month.
  2. Be clear with your instructions on how you need your hair.
  3. If a person ruins your hair once, there is a huge possibility of him doing the same next time (and the next couple of time).
  4. Spending a couple hundreds on a proper haircut is never a waste because the return on investment is a good mood until you go for the next haircut, which is going to be a good one provided that you adhere to the above instructions. 
Ashan's look of the month.

Thanks. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Day at courts... A day that I would want to forget...

(I have not disclosed any names or places and I don't mean to offend anyone)

Anyone who reads this... few things...

  1. Steal, kill, do anything illegal but dont get caught (preferably don't do any of those) :P
  2. don't let anyone steal your belongings
  3. even if someone robs you, don't make a complain to the police (even if you did, hope that the police wont find them)
  4. No offence, but become a High Rated Lawyer 
I say this because, in case of any of the above, you are going to have to go to the COURTS. 

I am going to share the experience I went through today when I was at courts. I went there to release some of the valuables that were robbed few months back. Since I was informed that today I can release them after identifying my lost items in front of the judge, I had to go there in person. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the police found all the lost items and I really appreciate their genuine commitment and amazing results.

I reached the place at 8.30 am this morning, and had to wait until 9.00 for the session commenced. the first experience was, about lawyers themselves. You can find around 20 - 25 lawyers who are trying to make a living out of someone's bad day/good day. when I was standing there, a lawyer (scuffed and dusty shoes, faded black coat, off-whitish shirt, tie with the faded logo of the courts, even older pair of trousers, a diary -probably been using for the past decade with some numbers written in it, and gray hair trying to grow through the dark hair) comes to me and says "why are you here?" and I explained what happened. And then he said "what were the stolen Items?" and then I gave the list and then he goes, "Look, I talk from my experience, you'll need a lawyer for this case" (I knew he realized that I was clueless and new in the game, so he was trying to pitch something in)I kindly refused even though I didn't have a convincing reason to disprove his claim. Sad sight this was, because what I had heard about lawyers was totally different.

Then goes a Magistrate (A nice and well groomed lady - very much the lawyer I have heard and seen outside) following a police escort, a guy who cleared the way for her. Followed by another car followed by a  similar policeman and the third similar car. 

There were hundreds of people... with kids, with elder people, and then comes a gang of men who apparently looked like "gang" and they didn't give a damn about whats around or where they were. among all these people, was a decent looking lady in a white saree waiting anxiously as if she was waiting for someone who really meant to her, and a chubby little kid who wouldn't listen to his mom who runs behind him.

then comes the shock. "the accused"! tamed/stopped by hand cuffs which were connecting around 14 men of all types (yes, there were decent looking men also) and three such sets of men. And a while ago I was wondering why there are so many people around... and I come to realize that these are relatives, wives (even pregnant ones), kids (even physically differently-abled ones), parents (even ones above 80's), friends of those men who were dragged along like herd of bulldogs who wouldn't even look at their loved ones who came to see them after a while. One man though, waves his hand to the chubby little kid who waved back at him, as if he has seen his father having his victory walk.

I went in to the court room, sharp at 9.00 a.m having seen enough of depressing sights for the last 30 minutes, and Surprisingly! almost all the lawyers who were outside, looking for a case, were inside! Yes, they found their day's clients on the spot (I think this is also a way of finding your lawyer). Among them, were some really professional looking gentlemen who seemed to be experienced and "real" lawyers. The proceedings of the courts were 1 hour late (where I even had thoughts of filing a case against the courts... where would that end though... ;) ). And there comes the magistrate... "The MAN" within those 4 walls, everyone respected him... He was a young person(in his early 30's) who was "You Honor"ed even by those experienced and genuine lawyers. And the day went by, rushing through the cases and surprisingly, this magistrate was a kind-hearted person who actually tried more to release people than give them a hard time. There were some really shocking cases.

  1. A Kid (born in 1994) who carried some illegal drugs, who was brought by his dad (who seemed like a real gentlemen) while the kid was in the cage of the accused, the father tries to look normal covering his agonizing embarrassment. The kid was released after a warning.
  2. A man who was kicked out of his family by his sisters for getting married to a women from another religion. the man got furious about it also, but he was patient enough not to be the culprit, but to be the one to complain. 4 women who to all seemed to be good wives/ mothers. they were warned and released too.
  3. a young man who got caught harassing a female in a bus who was asked to come for the next hearing. (I didn't want him to escape with a warning)
  4. And the thieves who robbed my stuff! 2 kids of 14-16!!! my items were released but these kids were bailed out but the next hearing will happen sometime later
  5. A man who got caught with a joint (a rolled Marijuana/weed) with him. he pleaded guilty and he was released after getting a fine, but on a human bail (his 80+ year old father volunteers himself). 
And so on it was... and for all these cases, the lawyers barely talked 10 words ( I don't know what their fee was)

and somehow, I had to spend quite a while after seeing all these shocking incidents, until they processed the minutes of the hearing to issue my items. On the way out of the court room I see 2 young and handsome guys handcuffed, and taken to the room. The guys pass the decent looking lady whom I talked about at the beginning of this post... Apparently the mother of the taller guy... she broke in to tears after seeing her son in handcuffs dragged by a jailer! and in an hour or so while I wait, I saw the same women being dragged by two other women... Crying, pleading, and pouring out! I heard that her son was sentenced with a few days behind bars.

On my way to the issue counter I could see though a window, all the lawyers having a friendly chat resting on the sofas after a successful day!

I got my stuff and the last thing I saw... The father who presented himself as bail for his son, who was sitting on a doorstep for about 3 hours until his son was released, was ignored by his son and the father cannot do much either because he couldn't catch up with his son who rushed out of the gate...

I had enough of it. I said to my self the 4 things I wrote at the very beginning. 

"I never will go to the courts" And the other thing that was echoing in my head was "The crimes/mistakes these people committed... Cant people live without doing those stupid little things?"

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shopping... not a much-talked-about topic among guys!!!

So it's one of those times where shopping is a MUST for any man... First Job! starting on Monday, I think its a usual practice for a girl to start window shopping a week in advance so that the best deals and designs can be short listed before starting the shopping spree on Thursday (goes until Sunday Evening). 

My dad, in my opinion a very bad Shopper -very much like me- wanted me to go shopping on Thursday, but I kept on giving excuses to avoid, and he goes, "Dont wait until the last moment to find the worst outfit!!!" So I said, "Saturday then" So its Saturday and I decided to go with one of those very traditional female shoppers, (Round of Applause please) Nadee!!! 

So I arrived at my favorite (out of the 3-4 shops I know of which are known for better men's wear) shop in Bambalapitiya and was walking around for around 5 mins with no clue at all on what to look for or why was I even there...  

This 5 minutes gave me some time to reflect on some of my shopping standards, which I would like to share today...

  • The first shop you get in to is the best shop - well quite an obvious thing here, I don't want to try the most popular place but the most visited place by me...
  • If you can find a convincing piece(s) on the first round of walking, you are pretty much going to end up buying almost all of them - Well I found 5 shirts and I was about to buy all of them but Nadee there, didn't like the colors (And I agreed with it too) of 2 shirts so I had to let go without a fight ( fighting -obviously-, wouldn't help either...)
  • The fit-on room is the a place where you realize that you have put on a little belly! - Yeah I dont think most spend that much time in front of a mirror
  • You don't mind missing out to lock the door of the fit-on room even if you are fitting-on a trouser! -And You don't have to bother if what's behind the Mirror is a Video Camera, because that would make you popular and there aren't many videos on Facebook with me being tagged because I am actually there in that video (Information flows and ends up in your profile in no time these days...) 
  • Buying one each of Lightish-Beige, Off white, and Cream colored shirts would add 3 identical shirts to your collection - well this is pretty much standard for men I guess...
  • In case you couldn't find matching trousers for the shirts you bought, and if you had to go to another place to check out trousers, AVOID the shirts area!!! - You don't want to spend more money on a better shirt ( You don't believe its better because of the first two points above, but lets say actually its better) you found because,  you have other stuff to buy (next point) plus you don't want to be cursing the first shop for not having it there. (As a result, the second shop becomes the best shop for trousers)
  • Underwear is a must! You don't want to come on another day to buy underwear and carry a small shopping bag with 3 boxes in it (In a bus - Because shopping bags these days are transparent... So people know whats in there) because you obviously don't carry a handbag to hide them!
  • Shoes will not be in this shopping list (not even in the next 3). Because I already have a pair I bought last year
  • If you have spent 2 hours shopping, you have wasted too much time! 
Well these are some things that popped in to my mind few within those 5 mins of blank-looking-around and most right now when I am actually writing...

I hope shopping will be an interesting thing to do when I actually earn a lot of money!

Feel free to share your experiences because, I haven't gone shopping in the last 11 months!!!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Why I say I had a great time… National transition camp reflections…

I am officially in to the last 7 weeks of my MCP term and I fell in to the mode of reflection. My first thought was,
“Hmmm… So it’s really coming to an end…”
One of my favorite places on earth...
Last night we announced the complete MC team for the term 2011/12. And right now I am in one of my favorite places on earth, staring at the deep and ever refreshing Indian Ocean. 
Unawatuna is the place where I started my official leadership career as the LCVP PBoX Development and I am glad that I got to finish my career at the very same place.

 Breath taking Unawatuna
Another thought is running through my mind right now, it’s the famous “It’s good, it’s good, it’s good to be an MCP”. I am sure I can say this whole heartedly. But again, why do I say so?
The National Transition Camp 2011 is going on in the plenary, and I have an awesome successor and there is a dream team to take over from my team. And there is a PASSIONATE incoming leadership team who is equipping themselves to take over in few weeks.
I, together with my team, gave everything we had to the development of AIESEC in Sri Lanka and the feeling of this amazing entity being in safe hands makes me feel genuinely content about our efforts. We have done the numbers and we have brought this entity to the greatest success it has ever seen. So there is no reason to feel disappointed of or there is nothing to regret…
The southern breeze and the hot sun are drying away the salty pile of rocks that I am sitting on right now, and I am thinking of what to do next. I am relaxed more than I have ever been in the past two years, and the emptiness is making me feel much relaxed than making me feel lonely.
It’s funny how I feel old because the things I have in common with the guys out there in the plenary are getting lesser every minute and I have accept the reality and learn the art of letting go. But I am relaxed. J
Transition… the point where you pass all your knowledge, work and ideas down… and slowly become a free man… Now I am free… well almost…

All I have to do now is to pick which chair I have to choose to lie down and think more about where I am going to head next in my journey of meeting challenges, finding success and making friends…

Being an MCP is always good when you go back home with what you wanted to take with you and when you leave behind exactly what you wanted to leave behind in this amazing organization. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Regret!!!

Well I never regret about my decisions.
But this case, I have taken a disease on to my self!!!
A Looser.
Cant help but live with it. 
Will be back to my old bright surroundings when the pile of junk goes to where it belongs.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Welcome, The Shock... And the (re)action

"What we believe we can do is what we will do" 

The welcome...

One more teammate joined the pursuit of delivering 229 life changing experiences. AIESEC in Sri Lanka welcomes Hatim Aboussid from Morocco and is proud to have him as the MCVP TM of AIESEC in Sri Lanka 2010/11. I wish him all the best and this is going to be an exciting run together with an awesome team. :) Cheers Hatim!!!

My belief...

We all believe that AIESEC provides a platform for us to develop as Young leaders and learn from our mistakes. It builds young people in to confident leaders who can go out there and provide the needed leadership to create the positive change that the society needs. That's why AIESEC is the best ever thing that happen to me... 

Brand is a key concept of any organization and brand is the backbone of any organization. AIESEC's brand is just the people. how we learn, work and behave is unique and we believe that AIESECers demonstrate global mind set, Entrepreneurial outlook, Social responsibility, Proactive learning and Emotional Intelligence.

As an association that provides life changing experiences, we are much responsible towards all our stake holders. Especially a lot of young people trust in this amazing opportunity to find a shape to their lives. And we are accepting a great challenge as an association, and it's a great responsibility. (I remember some great person said, "With great power comes great responsibility" - or was it from the movie Spider Man? :P)

So if some one violates the brand of the organization or in other words, misusing powers, then thats where the SHOCK comes in...

The Shock...

Unfortunately you WILL see some people like this. As the quote says... "If there is a slightest probability of something happening, it WILL happen". But then, the question is, I mentioned above that "We learn from our mistakes" so isn't there a chance for such a person who makes a mistake? read the above paragraph. I have mentioned "Violating Brand" not "Making a mistake". So I mean something serious. So getting back, there WILL be people (1/100, 1/1000) who got it completely wrong. And when this happens, it's a shock.

The (re)action...

So what do you expect any Manger/ Director of an Organization to do when there is a SHOCK? Just absorb the shock and prevent it in the future yeah? So this is the simple (re)action. Absorb and Prevent. So there is NO cause of shock hereafter. 


Friday, June 4, 2010

A New Journey Begins...

My life opens one of its new chapters in this June (2010). Its an once-in-a-life time experience for sure... More than that it's going to be a Challenge!

Not that I didnt wait for this day..... I decided that I am going to be the President of AIESEC in Sri Lanka 3 1/2 years back, at my first ever MC election experience where I was a newbie....
Time has made me more stronger and more composed to make my life a fruitful one.

Its not easy to be the only one to remain, because all my colleagues and parallel AIESECers are heading for their future, and I also feel old and probably the eldest active AIESECer in Sri Lanka. The MC office is much cleaner, but much emptier... may be its not really empty... But may be thats how I feel. may be I miss my former team......

Another great reflection point was doing the administration work in where I had to do the most uncomfortable thing that I have done in a while... Approving my MC team members as people who are Heading for the Future...

there is a small delight, when I changed my email signature as the president of AIESEC in Sri Lanka, but it didnt overtake the feeling of letting go of the VP Projects Development part... This is where I learned to be a real ambitious person and did my best to get to the top... I still love my MCVP Position... it will take some time to get over it...

Dad was delighted when I got home on the 2nd after my first day in the office as the MCP, and believe me its very motivating to get a handshake from your dad for getting selected as the MCP after all those days away from home (even the country)...

all in all it has been a delightful week as the MCP of AIESEC in Sri Lanka... A lot of good news on the way.